Brother’s Keepers

How Does Brother’s Keepers Work?

This ministry program provides:
Spiritual nurturing (Bible Studies and weekly congregational participation)
Classes for alcohol and drug addiction (Basic knowledge on illegal substances and alcohol; and steps to recovery)
Structured housing (If necessary, with certain conditions)
Classes for personal development:
a) Proper grooming
b) Improved social interaction
Provide assistance/help for clothing and transportation

IBBC/Brother’s Keepers Mission

Our mission is to keep people, who are willing to recover from substance abuse, from spiraling down again. We lead them forward by providing opportunities to live, learn and integrate more fully and more effectively into mainstream society. And we believe that spiritual nurturing plays a big factor in creating new hope in the hearts and minds of each of these vulnerable people. We are committed towards educating them and creating a culture of empowerment within our program.


CA 91950
+619 477 9151

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