Music Ministry

Music Ministry

IBBCA Music Ministry is dedicated in preserving the godly heritage of old fashioned Christ-honoring music. We classify our songs as fundamental gospel music.

The Music Ministry is composed of the Main Choir, the Children’s Choir, singing groups for special numbers, and the whole congregation – all these are accompanied solely by a baby grand piano. However, nothing lifts the soul better than when the congregation sings the old fashioned gospel hymns.

Every year, the choir is a vital part of the church Christmas community outreach program. With Pastor Plata leading the choir, the church would bring to each home the wonderful message of Christ’s birth through songs, soul winning and warm camaraderie.

Like a fish tank of an aquarium, our Music Ministry is virtually transparent, where no one notices, but adds to the beauty of the service and sets the hearts of the people right, pointing them to the worship of our great God and sets the heart of an unbeliever to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.


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