Why Build?

International Bible Baptist ChurchThe IBBC building project will result in the construction of a new school building, improved church façade, an onsite recreation facility and parking space, among other things.

The new building is a two-storey school facility which will be the new site of our school, the International Bible Baptist Academy (IBBA). Classrooms will be built to accommodate an estimated 150enrollees. Students from ages K2 and below will be housed at the ground floor. A cafeteria, an elevator, science laboratory and sprinkler system are some of the provisions in the building plans that will be constructed. Additionally, an outdoor playground, space for Physical Education classes and a new parking lot will be provided, which are also in fulfillment of the city’s requirements for the school.

IBBA follows the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. Under the ACE, a high degree of academic knowledge is presented with the incorporation of Scripture and Biblical principles. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on love for country, humanities, mathematics, and sciences – both theoretic and applied. This curriculum should lead students to grasp the foundations of learning so that they will lead a life honestly and confronting life’s problems and challenges confidently, and contributing to the welfare of society under God. We pass on a faithful Christian heritage as a way of life. We also plan to provide better facilities..

Our tuition fee charges are the lowest for a private school in the locality. And God willing, with the support of the various grants that we have applied for, we will realize our vision of offering free private education to the community that we serve.

The church has peacefully served the community for 19 years. Now is the opportune time for expansion and endow future generations with quality facilities to carry out our mission and pass on our DNA of peace and justice, spirituality and community to future generations.

“Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it:” (Psalm 127:1)

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